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Case Study

Vivian Hendriksz
Senior UK Editor, FashionUnited

Why did you choose to educate and train yourself?

As a fashion journalist with a keen interest in sustainable fashion, I felt like the course was a good fit to expand my current knowledge and educate myself on the options available concerning sustainable design and fashion for future reference.

How many colleagues from your company participated, and what have the benefits of the training been?

I was the only participate from my company, but two colleagues from other departments, as well as fellow journalists did show keen interest in the course as well. It has been a real benefit to gain industry knowledge of the core problems and challenges that the fashion industry faces when it comes to sustainability, and what tools companies can implement in their business to overcome them.

How important is leadership when integrating sustainability into a business, and for transforming the industry?

Leadership is key when integrating any type of change into a business, especially when it comes to sustainability. Leadership to me means paving the way for other companies to follow in suit, making changes where needed even if they appear to be risky or challenging - such as changing the way you work.

What advice do you have for other companies planning to engage, educate or train their staff on sustainability topics?

Work together as a team and share knowledge! Include people from different departments, as they may have a different perspective on things.

What advice do you have for other companies now planning to get the most of the SFA sustainability fundamentals course and SFA’s services overall?

I would advise them to do Extended Curriculum options as well - it is an additional area which takes more time to complete but offers more insights and knowledge. Also don’t be shy in the forums.


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