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Equipping Sustainable Apparel Leaders

Our Purpose & Role

The Challenge

The global challenges we currently face are complex and critical. Natural resource depletion, environmental degradation and widening social inequality all pose threats to future economic growth and human welfare, and the apparel industry is not immune to these challenges. Human rights and fair labour practices continue to require attention, and water use, chemical management and greenhouse gases pose serious threats to people and the environment throughout the apparel supply chain, as well as to consumers during and after use. The size and extent of these challenges are clearly a threat to the apparel industry’s current business model, and looking to and preparing for the future is essential.

The Transformation

Consumers, citizens, and policy makers are turning to the apparel industry with increasing frequency to demand accountability for social and environmental impact. We can all be encouraged by apparel, textile and footwear companies that are responding, and government agencies and advocacy organisations that support and drive sustainability initiatives should give us all hope. A collective transformation has begun and sustainable apparel leadership is needed at every step — from design, resourcing and production, to marketing, sales, distribution and end of use. 

A New Frontier

The business benefits and opportunities that come with a sustainable transformation are within reach, and consumers are demanding commitment and transparency. A new frontier is waiting, but making changes and taking risks can still be overwhelming. For many brands and retailers, simply getting started can be a challenge.  SFA’s mission is to prepare and equip apparel professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to embark on meaningful sustainable journeys while growing their businesses.