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Why Choose Us?

Sustainability and Better Business

The dedicated team at SFA has over 25 years of experience working with education and social and environmental performance in the business and non-profit sectors, and our reach increases each year. We are active participants in the global sustainable apparel movement, approach our goals with a tenacious and entrepreneurial spirit, and we share a passion for and commitment to sustainability.  SFA’s services and training enable apparel professionals to address sustainability from the ground up, develop and refine strategies, and leverage needed cross-departmental dialogues. We aim to help our clients reach their sustainability goals while securing business benefits, and we understand the numerous challenges that brands and retailers face.

Return on Investment

A 90% average of SFA’s course participants describe their training as “very valuable” and report achieving critical milestones in their sustainability initiatives including:
  • leveraging difficult internal discussions about sustainability
  • establishing a common sustainability language across departments
  • defining goals and gaps in current approaches
  • increasing staff engagement and initiative
  • improving staff morale and motivation
  The following effects of these milestones are highlighted: 
New talent is easier to recruit
Cost savings are increased
New business opportunites are revealed
Reputational risks are minimised
Brands are strengthened

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Mike Schragger, Managing Director
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